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How To Write a Follow-Up Email After Applying for a Job

I appreciate your time and consideration in interviewing me for this position. Currently, my schedule is flexible and knowing your urgency to fill the position; I would like to meet Mr. Brown at his earliest convenience. Please drop me an email or a quick call with a date and time, and I’ll be sure to arrange my schedule so that I can meet Mr. Brown. Thank you again for your time; I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you also for introducing me to several members of your Sales Intelligence team. Please let them know I appreciate how comfortable they made me feel. I agree it was unfortunate that Bob Brown, the actual person to whom I’d report, was not in the office.

How long should you wait after an interview to follow up?

The Short Answer: Follow up after at least five to seven business days. You went through the interview process, sent your “thank you” email, and then heard nothing but inbox crickets for a few days. Then, you received that dreaded message from the hiring manager.

You could be the first candidate to have completed the final round of interviews. Two more candidates could be interviewing behind you.

What to do After a Job Interview Follow Up Email With No Response

After careful consideration, we have decided to go with another candidate. We appreciate your time and effort put into your application and attending the interview. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to go with another candidate. We do, however, appreciate all of your time and effort. Mike Astringer, recruiting manager at HKA, noted that HR professionals interview candidates based partly on their initial compensation expectations. Even if you’re confident about filling the position, you could still unexpectedly feel anxious once you sit down for the interview.

how to follow up on a job application after interview

It also demonstrates to the employer that you possess certain soft skills. The email you send or voicemail you leave are excellent, real-world examples of your written and verbal communication skills.

Should You Follow Up After Applying for a Job?

Throughout the entire application process you should still be applying for other positions. Even if you’re being invited back for a second and third interview, keep applying elsewhere. First impressions are important, but they fade in the memory when someone is interviewing dozens of candidates. You can keep the interviewer’s memory of you fresh with a polite and enthusiastic email about interview status.

how to follow up on a job application after interview

Additionally, Kiely writes on topics that help small business owners and entrepreneurs boost their social media engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is good etiquette to send one thank-you to whoever you interviewed with one or two days after the interview and wait for them to respond with next steps.

Tips for Writing a Follow-Up Email or Letter

However, we would like to keep your resume on file for any other opportunities that may present themselves. Thank you for taking the time to interview with us. We enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate all of your hard work. We were particularly impressed with your [skill/experience]. However, we would like to keep your resume on file for any future opportunities. Thank you so much for coming in for an interview with us last week.

However, it can also demonstrate a lack of soft skills, like being a good listener, paying attention to details, and following instructions. So, as hard as it might be, resist how to follow up on a job application the urge to reach out too soon. Getting silence despite multiple attempts at reaching out isn’t a good sign, so consider focusing your energy on other opportunities.

December 2022 Jobs Report: Employers Add 223,000 Jobs

We wanted to let you know that we have decided not to extend an offer to you for the position at this time. Depending on the outcome of the interview, there are a few different types of messages that you can write in your follow up email after interview. However, there also are common parts that should be included in every email. Cover letters allow employers to hear your voice, understand your…


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